Roex Seating Solutions

At Roex furniture for the catering business and projects, the focus is on the customer. What does 'service' imply for Roex:

1 rapidity: you may not only expect a detailed and clear price quote on a short notice, we also make all efforts to deliver as soon as possible. How do we manage this? On the one side, thanks to our large stock of terrace chairs and terrace tables. On the other side, by loading at our supplier's on a weekly basis. By this means we limit the waiting period for our customers. The custom-made sofas and cushions are made in house, so no faster delivery would be possible. Obviously, our fastness is never detrimental to our quality.
2 spacious showroom: every catering manager feels welcome in our showroom of more than 1,000 m2. Moreover, we keep investing in showroom models in order to be able to show an elaborate choice of tables, chairs, sofas and terrace furniture. With our professional and friendly advice we prevent you going in the wrong direction. 
3 the best solution: we search for the best solution with the customer, taking budget, capacity, durability, style, etc. into account. We are able to worry-free the customer thanks to our knowhow and large offer of furniture and terrace furniture. 
4 quality: Our private label terrace chairs ForSeasons is produced in Indonesia. We visit the factory frequently on a yearly basis, to guarantee the best quality and a modern product line. The cushions are produced with the most qualitative materials, so they last for years. We offer catering business furniture from various brands as well, among others, Pedrali, Mobitec, Ton, Accento, FlexFurn, Rossin, L'abatte, Bliphase and Capdell. All these brands focus on quality. 
5 after-sales service: we remain partners, also after the sale. And if something goes wrong, we search for the best solution together. Rapidity and correctness are central here.