Investing in service means investing in our own fleet of cars. Certainly, you must have noticed our trucks with which we deliver our terraces and furniture. We think in-house delivery is of great significance. 

Benefits for the customer
Your satisfaction is important to us. For that reason, we strive to deliver as soon as possible and we take your wishes and desires into account as much as possible. By managing the transport ourselves, we are able to act upon anything. The customer communicates directly with our own staff, so we can anticipate fast on the needs and adjust if necessary. We guarantee a perfect service at the delivery as well. Tables, chairs and terrace furniture will be unpacked, the package will be taken back by us, the sofas will be perfectly installed... In this way, you have minimal worries.

Keep on investing
We expanded our fleet of cars in 2010. A gear box for our trucks enables a faster delivery.
Our collection warehouse was renovated in 2011.
The renewal of our loading quays had started in 2012, in order to speed up the loading and unloading.
A new, larger trailer was purchased in 2013. 
2014: purchase of an extra Sprinter to handle even more volume
2015: new look for our truck