Furniture for the cosy café, the trendy bistro, or a michelin star restaurant … our extensive range includes them all. With our wide range of fabrics and (faux) leathers, we add a personal touch. We won’t forget the details either, because they are a vital part of the whole creative, custom made experience.

Employee well-being is becoming more and more important for companies. Therefore, we enjoy thinking "out of the box" when designing cosy business offices, pleasant meeting rooms and inspirational work spaces. Because the first impression is so important, we also offer design solutions for reception areas.

Roex has been an outdoor furniture specialist for many years. As the market has evolved, so have our product ranges. Today, we are the perfect choice for durable, all inclusive outdoor solutions: windscreens, professional quality parasols, heating, lighting and furniture. By offering a complete outdoor installation, we distinguish ourselves from others in the field.

There have been tremendous developments in education in recent years. Schools are looking for creative solutions to meet the needs and wishes of students and teachers. Roex is the perfect partner for designing canteens, network spaces, teaching rooms...

We are an established name in the leisure sector. We have worked with several sports clubs over many years, such as KRC Genk. Furthermore, holiday parks, golf clubs and the like, gladly use our experience to set up their club houses, cafeterias and restaurants.

One of our guiding business values is our personal approach.
This is why care facilities, where quality, service and the patient are central, are drawn to our flexibility and extremely high-quality standards. We guide them thoroughly through the entire design process, to find the best possible solutions. In addition to aesthetic considerations, ergonomics and maintenance are given extra attention. This leads to a distinctive ambiance in high quality care facilities.


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