Like a fingerprint, each project is unique. Creating the perfect interior or terrace demands so much more than just putting together tables and chairs. Interior design is all about creating ambiance. The right ambiance is personal. This is why custom made is our standard. Tailor made does not mean more expensive, it means the best possible solution.



We do so much more than shoving up boxes. We personalise our project. How do we manage in doing this?


  1. First of all, by taking the time to listen to you.
  2.  Our wide range of products as well as options in upholstery and finishings allows us to personalize your interior. All of our products have one common factor:  their affordable, durable quality.
  3. We offer much more than tables and chairs: custom made benches and cushions, decoration, lighting…




So we guarantee you that we will create the right ambiance.

Our approach is also unique!


In creating your interior or terrace we are driven by passion much more than a a sales mentality. 


We have a strong, loyal team that will deliver your goods in perfect condition, right on time and on the right spot.


 We don’t believe in titles and hierarchy, our priority as a team is to make things as easy as possible for our customers.



We strive to be an open book in all that we do.

On our website, you will find clear descriptions and lots of information. No codes, no altered product names and no brand imitations. Look and then compare!


Of course, our custom made items also deserve a spot on our website. Details on in-house production as well as production by subcontractors, can be found under the headings ‘Seating Solutions’ and ‘Screen Solutions’. This category is open ended as it is determined by you as acustomer or an architect: we make almost everything.

We are also transparent in our pricing. However, we do not display prices on our websites as there isn’t a standard product price.

The price is determined by your choice of material, finish… . Discounts are related to quantities. Also our offers are custom made.


Our prices are in the best interest of both parties. There may be lower prices elsewhere, but it is hard to find a better price taking into account or service, quality and product handling.


When you decide to do business with us, clear arrangements are made and agreed to by both parties. You can rest assured that we keep our promises.


Optimal seating comfort in 4 seasons, both indoors and outdoors, this is what Roex stands for.

We have been a well-known, leading outdoor furniture specialist for many years.

This description is still true today, even though we now take on more interior projects. Unique is our all inclusive approach. A Roex terrace is not only used during the summer, but during all seasons.

Professional quality parasols ensure that you are always dry and comfortable. Built-in lighting allows you to stay outside for longer. Heating ensures that the outdoor season begins early and ends late, especially when you are also sheltered from the wind by fully customised windscreens.


Our expertise is most evident in the manufacturing of outdoor furniture. Our ability to incorporate parasols, windscreens and a wide range of high quality furniture, makes us unique in our field. This coordinated approach defines us.

If you decide not to use your outdoor furniture over the winter months, consider winter storage in our 4.000 m² warehouse space. Not only is the furniture stored securely, but it is also fully checked and repaired when necessary. Needless to say, such good care extends the life of your furniture. A service we love to offer our customers.

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Investing in service means investing in our fleet on a yearly basis. Certainly, you must have noticed our trucks and vans that deliver on daily basis our outdoor and indoor furniture. They are decorated with beautiful projects that we are proud of. But the most important is our distinctive service to our customers by delivering the products ourselves. Your benefits of our in-house delivery?

Our vehicles are equipped to transport furniture, therefore, the risk of damage is minimal.

Your delivery will be taken care of by a product specialist, this enables us to act upon anything. The customer communicaties directly with our own staff,  so we can anticipate fast on the needs and adjust if necessary. No anonymous third parties, instead a full service by Roex all the way to the point of delivery (and even beyond).

We do more than just moving standard furniture in boxes. We guarantee a perfect service at the delivery as well. Tables, chairs and will be unpacked, the package will be taken back by us, benches will be perfectly installed … In this way, you have minimal worries

We go that extra mile for our customers.  If the delivery deadline is tight, we will drive to our suppliers ourselves in order to deliver the goods on time. If it depends on us, every restaurant opens on time. Of course, there are limits to what we are able to do. Most goods have a production time that needs to be respected, therefore ordering on time is important. But when time is an issue, we are usually creative enough to come up with a suitable solution. It is hard to find a company that is faster than Roex.



Is your décor outdated, does it need a renewal? In that case we are the perfect partner. Not only do we take care of your new interior in an exceptionally service orientated way, but we also go that extra mile for our customers. Where others sell furniture and move boxes, we offer solutions. For your old furniture this solution can be a purchase, a storage solution, … . We are always looking for the best solution for everyone.

This service allows us to give used furniture a second chance. Not everybody has the budget for new furniture. Or perhaps you are just looking for pre-owned, vintage items. With more than 4.000 m² of warehouses, we have more than enough space to offer a wide range of second-hand furniture.



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